lördag 6 oktober 2012

S-gruppen stoppade motion från M och KD i Europarådett

Our appeal against Mr Volontè's motion "Combating eugenics and discrimination against people with disabilities" has been signed by 90 members of all political groups of the Assembly :

SOC 62





The Bureau of the Assembly at its meeting, Friday 5 October, has decided to give no further action to this motion.

Beslutet tog i fredags i den parlamentariska församlingen, efter att S-gruppen i Europarådet tagit till en unik åtgärd för att stoppa en motion som bla hade lagts fram av riksdagsledamöter från M och Kd, Sverige. Du ser av redovisningen att vi fick stöd utanför vår grupp och ser hela vår text nedan.  
“Combating eugenics and discrimination against people with disabilities (Motion for a Resolution 12996) – No to a disguised attempt to jeopardise women’s rights”
The undersigned members of the Parliamentary Assembly, having taken note of the draft resolution tabled by Mr Luca Volonte “Combating eugenics and discrimination against people with disabilities” urgently request the Bureau of the Assembly not to send this text to one or other of its committees.

I give some S-comments :
While the title of the resolution may seem promising, the text itself throws up major problems.
For the concern here is not to combat eugenics – which is a policy to encourage the development of a society of individuals who possess the same characteristics - but rather to prevent women from freely deciding to carry a pregnancy to term or to terminate it.
Nor is the resolution aimed at combating discrimination against people with disabilities, something which the Parliamentary Assembly has already undertaken to do on numerous occasions.  The objective, rather, is to deprive women of the possibility of obtaining any information relating to diagnosis and prenatal screening. 
What we have, therefore, is a fundamental infringement of women’s freedom to make a conscious, responsible choice.
Our Assembly must not allow women’s rights to be jeopardised in this way.

A titele which might not be of any consequence and which might lead to universal approval if the text which follows did not have other objectives.

We reaffirm our absolute respect for the "right to life" as the very basis of the integrity of the human person.

We are against "eugenics" which, in terms of protection of the human species, would lead to defending the ideology of "racial purity" of the "perfect Child".

So is a foetus "human life"? is the long-running debate or the "status of the foetus "to be revived here? Science and the law, beyond individual philosophical or religious convictions, agree that the foetsu is not "visabele" ands so does not constitute "human live" until it is several weeds or even several months old

What about foetal disability? If medically proven, it may give rise to a "therapeutic abortion, notably in cases of Down syndrome. This is an established right.  To condemn such acts, inte this specific, extreme case, obviously implies that abortion is to be condemned in all other circumstances as well.

Accordingly it is the establiched right, one enjoyed by women and families in most European states, that is being targeted.

Consequently, we are against this text and this insidious request whish, once again, reopens the debate on this subject, one that is always sensitive in relations to personal philiosophical or religious viwes.

But when the Council Europe has repeatedly made its principles and its position clear, It upholds and affirms universal human rights and the universal rights of individuals  in all their diversity