fredag 30 november 2012

Från, Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP)

Vänner, med anledning av utvecklingen i Egypten vill jag ge fler möjlighet att ta del av uttalandet från Socialdemokraterna i Kairo. Därför lägger jag ut texten på mn blogg, stöd de demokratiska krafterna!
Statement by the ESDP on the Constitutional Declaration and the draft constitution approved by the Constituent Assembly
"In order to pre-empt a potential ruling by the Supreme Constitutional Court that would dissolve the constituent assembly (expected on December 2), its members met throughout the night and until the early hours of morning to finish the preparation of the draft constitution; beyond the worst expectations in its weakness, disorder, ignoring the social and economic demands of the people and unable to provide guarantees of freedoms and basic rights and lay the foundations of a balance between the authorities, while the Egyptian streets are burning with anger against the authoritarian constitutional proclamation and its non-existent legitimacy which was issued by President Mohamed Morsi last Thursday, and while the masses are preparing to express their protest against this blatant attack on the citizens’ gains of freedom, justice and democracy.

The Constituent Assembly, from which all representatives of civil parties, independents, Egyptian churches and trade unions withdrew, terminated every possible opportunity to mend the rift in the community and couldn't reach any consensus.

The plot has been completed and it turned out that the Constitutional Declaration issued by the President was not only a cover to provoke panic and confusion in the society, and to immunise his decisions and the Constituent Assembly of judicial oversight, while passing thru a weak Constitution not worthy of Egypt and to the aspirations of its people.

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party has previously announced its complete rejection of the Constituent Assembly formation, its draft constitution, and to ignoring the proposals it has received, it also announced its total rejection of the authoritarian constitutional declaration issued by the President. Now it also declares its rejection to the draft constitution, which was adopted at dawn today, and announces its intention to work side by side with all the national forces in order to resist the issuance of this Constitution, which establishes a new tyranny state and undermine the judiciary and curtail people’s ambitions.

Hussein Gohar
International Secretary
Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP)"