tisdag 21 juni 2011

Debattinlägg om Tunisien i COE

Women vere active in the demonstrations leding ti the oter of Zine el Abidine Ben Alis. Then women and activist feel that theril voices and their calls for equality were ignornant also in Tunisia.

a key recommendations to the goverment in Tunisia

Support the recently adoptetd gender parity electoral system in for the upcoming assembly elections and ensure that women generally are integrated into political processes and serve at decision-making level

Ensure a constitutional guarantee of equality between man and women that would serve as a basis for eliminating laws and practicec that diskriminate against women regardledss of whether Tunisias new constitution includes a declaration that Tunisia is a Muslim state. I encourages a secular constitution for Tunisia for all countries

Reviw existing legislation and make a commitment to remove discriminatory provisions in personal status and penal laws and directives. to quarantee equal rights for women to inheritance. and the right of muslim women to marry outside theri religion - a right that Muslim men and women of other religions already have.

Remove formal reservations to CEDAW, inkluding those relatet fo marriage and inheritance and the right of a woman to choose her residence and pass per nationality on to her husband and children.

Sign and ratify the Mapouto Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa. I welcomes Tunisia at joining the Council of Europe's key conventions.

It si important for women to have an equal role in the elections to choose a constituent assembly, to draft a new constitution. Tunisian womens activists say that while women have made much progress, these legal provisions requiring equal partipicipation are not alwalys honored.

Thank Mr. President and raportören for an excellent report on the situation in Tunisia.

anförandet hölls den 21 juni 2010 i Europarådet. Besökte Tunis under maj, det talade ordet gäller