måndag 7 mars 2011

Nawals El Sadawis tal i FN den 26 feb

Så här såg talet ut när jag fick det i förhand men det talde ordet gäller. Inför morgondagen, Internationella kvinnodagen vill jag att du som liksom jag inte själv var i NY ska kunna ta del av talet. Stöd kvinnor i Egypten och regionen 8 mars!

Women and men from all ages and classes , started to revolt against the corrupt From Nawal El Saadawi to the UN Women Panel in NY 26 Feb 2011
oppressive regimes in the Arab world , in Tunisia, Egypt , Jordan, Yemen, Lybia, Algeria, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco and Iraq. The revolution is extending slowly or quickly to other countries, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Somalia and others .

Will the Twenty First Century be the century of revolutions against what we call: The Post Modern Slave System , globally and locally ( glocally )
WE live in ONE World ( Not Three Worlds ) , dominated by the same glocal patriarchal imperialist racist, capitalist military system.

Under such a system we cannot have real democracy or freedom or justice or peace or dignity for women or men.

The UN Women can support women`s aspirations in any region including the so called“ Middle East “ ( Middle to who ? ) We need to change this colonial language .

Our main goal in The Arab Women`s Association “AWSA“ ( an international NGO gained consultative status with the UN ECOSOC in NY since 1985) is to increase the political economic intellectual power of women through two main mechanisms :

1- To unveil the mind by good education and media (knowledge is power ) We need to undo what patriarchal education did to us, to undo the brain washing of the commercial media of the so called Free Market (freedom of the powerful to exploit women and the poor )

2 - To organize ourselves to achieve political power (Unity is power)
The UN women can strengthen our capacity to organize, and establish “The Egyptian Women`s Union “which was banned several times under the previous regime in Egypt . We started to re establish our Women`s Union immediately after the success of our revolution 25 January 2011. Our first meeting was held in Cairo on 13 Feb 2011 , and we issued our first statement against the new Constitution Commission which ignored women`s right to be part of it .

Without the unity of women (and men who support our cause ) we cannot protect and maintain our rights after the revolution. The Egyptian Revolution `s main goals are “Freedom , Dignity, Equality, Justice and Independence of all types of internal or external exploitation and hegemony,

We learned from history that women`s rights are ignored after the success of the revolution (though women are killed in it as men).

The UN Women can help us today in building the Egyptian Women`s Union (and women`s unions in other countries). to enable us to gain the political power needed to protect and gain our rights, negotiate our revolutionary demands and participate actively in the emerging new governments and political processes such as :

1 - The Constitution Commission, to include our views and help in building a new secular constitution (and secular laws including the Family Law) based on freedom, equality and justice for all people regardless of gender or religion or class or color or other ,
The personal is political, private life is not separate from the public,
Every child from any class (with a known or unknown father) should have all human rights including honor and dignity , the rights of the mother should be equal to the rights of the father including “ Honor and Dignity “ (this is one step to fight double morality , double standards and oppression of women under different religions and patriarchal class ethics )

2 - Women should be represented (as half the society) in all new commissions dealing with any new political, legal, economic, social, cultural and educational changes.

3 - The UN Women can assist us to build different networks and institutions locally , regionally and globally , to achieve a strong advocacy grouping in order to negotiate our global and local demands . Women can play a leading role in the struggle against imperialist neo colonial economic and military wars, to end foreign invasion in our Arab region and all other regions in the world.

Nawal El Saadawi
Cairo Egypt 21 Feb 2011