onsdag 31 juli 2013

Mr Yorsi Al-Masri mördades

Mr Yorsi Al-Masri mördades brutalt i Egypten tidigare i sommar. Al-Masri var pressansvarig för de egyptiska socialdemokraterna i regionen Alexandria. Jag instämmer i det fördömmande och de kondeleranser som PES generalsekreterare gett uttryck för. Förrövarna måste ställas till ansvar.

Full statement by the Egyptian Social Democratic Party on the death of Yorsi Al-Masri

The Leader and the members Of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party mourn their colleague Yosri Al--‐Masri, the Secretary of Information in Alexandria, who passed away after being brutally attacked by armed individuals from the Muslim brotherhood.

The Party strongly condemns the ruling regime’s violent practices, thuggery, and murder as means to keep its hold on power and holds the President and the Muslim brotherhood responsible for this despicable crime.

We demand the Public prosecutor to immediately investigate this crime, arrest the perpetrators, and put them on trial.

The Leader and the members of the Party would like to offer their deep condolences to his family and friends and pledge to continue the struggle he had lost his life to.