tisdag 26 april 2011

Social-democrats and progressives parties

Social-Democrats and progressives parties of the region: being ready to accompany the rapid changes.

The revolutions in North Africa and in the region in general have been launched by aspirations for social justice and are also protests against poverty, high unemployment rates and the lack of real perspectives for a young and skilled population. New, genuine trade unions and social democratic parties are being founded at the moment but how can social democratic and progressive parties of the region accompany and support the transition process and successfully present themselves in upcoming elections? In many places in the world we can see the results of intensive networking, discussions and experience sharing of social democratic parties. It is now crucial to focus on North Africa and the neighbouring region.

A real window of opportunity is opening up for our political family, we should unite all our forces to support the social democratic movements in the region, to help with the organisation of new parties, with the training of the candidates for the upcoming elections and to show that social democracy can contribute in tackling the most pressing socio-economic problems that lead to the revolutions.

· How can social democratic forces in the region be supported?
· How can especially young people be motivated to engage in social democracy?
· How can future social-democratic leaders be trained?