tisdag 26 april 2011

Deltar i PES möte i Tunis

The Party of European Socialists (PES) will hold a major conference in Tunis (Tunisia) this week (28-29 April). The meeting will be the first conference held by a European Political Party in the region since the revolutions, with the aim being to provide a solid progressive platform to promote democratic principles.

The conference will be held under the banner; “Arab Revolutions: time for democracy and progress”. It will bring together European Socialist and Social Democratic representatives from the European Union and progressive representatives from North Africa and the Middle East.
The conference is being facilitated by the Democratic Forum for Work and Freedom (FDTL) under the leadership of Mustapha Ben Jaafar.

Supporting Quote :
PES General Secretary Philip Cordery stated that; “Our conference this week is a step in a long term investment in the region by the PES. It is of the utmost importance that the EU shows a stronger presence and offers more vigorous support to the countries in transition, like Tunisia and Egypt. Those who are struggling to instigate democratic processes throughout the region must have our support”. He added that; “Democratic movements have been violently opposed, or repressed by autocratic regimes in the last couple of months, in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain. These regimes must fall. The instigation of democratic foundations is a must”.

The meeting will allow representatives to foster the democratic transition process by strengthening the partnership and cooperation between European and Arab progressive forces. A formal declaration from the conference will be available on Friday 29 April.