torsdag 14 april 2011

Från debatten om religiös dialog Europarådet

We meet in Europe, uncertainty and ignorance about Muslims. One example is France's ban on wearing the burqa or niqab comprehensive on the bus. Hungary is concerned. Denmark is another example where the moderate voices have disappeared from the debate. Danish People's Party and Muslim extremists set the agenda. We have no longer any opposition, said the Danish writer Carsten Jensen when he received the Olaf Palme Prize 29 / 1 2010. Denmark has become an experiment in a democracy without political leadership, a pure populist democracy. In many European countries we see examples of the political leaders' inability to deal with Islam's position in Europe. Instead populists exploit people's anxiety. It is high time for democratic forces to jointly tackle the issue. Political parties should clearly distance themselves from the attacks on Muslims and to distinguish between regular practicing Muslims and Islamists with a political objective of a society based on Islamic texts. Just as obvious as it is for us to defend everyone's right to believe what you want, it is also important to combat the political forces of oppression and segregation. Kristina, muslim oand judth xtremist has long experience of oppressing women. We have to forcefully take away from intolerance, segregation and all the groups that create unfounded suspicion among people, Please find below Ms Hägg (SOC), member of the Swedish Delegation, intervention in the debate on The Religous Dimension of the Intercultural Dialogue. (det talade ordet gäller)