måndag 24 januari 2011

Flerpartimotion om Ungern i Europarådet

14 January - Serious setbacks in the fields of the rule of law and human rights in Hungary

Motion for a resolution requesting the opening of a monitoring procedure for Hungary in the light of recent serious setbacks in the fields of the rule of law, human rights and the functioning of the country’s democratic institutions, presented by Ms Marietta de Pourbaix-Lundin and others.

We, the undersigned, express our serious concern with respect to recent developments related to the rule of law, human rights and the functioning of democratic institutions in Hungary:

- rules for appointing members to the Constitutional Court have been changed in such a way that the institution’s autonomy is questioned. The powers of the Constitutional Court have diminished when it comes to questioning the government’s proposals,

- a new media law limits the freedom of speech and demands registration for anyone who supplies media with information. The law also imposes demands on the contents as such. After criticism from the EU and international organisations the Hungarian Government has agreed to an investigation by the EU Commission and, depending on the result of that investigation, might consider some changes to the law,

- the Constitution is being revised in a hastily manner. Consultation with international experts and in particular the Council of Europe’s European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission), could usefully help the Hungarian authorities,

- a number of civil servants have been dismissed for their political views.

For all the above reasons, we request that a monitoring procedure be initiated for Hungary in accordance with article 2 (iii) of the Terms of Reference of the Monitoring Committee. /

Denna motion till Europarådet har tillkommit efter svenskt iniativ och och har fått bred uppslutning samt många signaturer, bla min. Att få en bred samling bakom en reaktion till Ungern är viktigt i sig. Ungern är ordförandeland i EU men var redan för något år sedan förmål för OSSE extra uppmärksamhet. Agerande mot journalisters möjlighet att fritt utöva sitt yrke är allvarligt men ändå endast toppen på ett isberg av prolem i dagens Ungern